4G Router Support

Welcome to 4G Support Website where we will try to provide answers to your most common configuration questions for a different range of 3G and 4G Routers.  We hope to provide configuration details for Teltonika, Proroute, Cradlepoint, Sierra Wireless, Geneko, Billion and Huawei 4G Routers.

We will also provide information about Fixed IP SIM cards and also information about issues relating to remote access to your 4G router when using a standard mobile data SIM.

As well as this valuable information we will work to provide information about common mobile network APN settings and other related information to make your installation of your choice of 4G router simple and hassle free.


RAISE A SUPPORT TICKET (assuming you purchased your router from Westlake / 3G Router Store) – otherwise please contact your equipment provider directly)

How can I raise a support ticket if my 3G/4G router does not have an Internet connection?